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Lotus lamp

3D model description

We designed this lamp for our showroom month ago. We and our visitors love this lamp and this is why we would to share this file with our Thingiverse community.

We printed this lamp in PLA Natural.

It would be great to get some pictures of your printed lamps.

3D printing settings

To get the full lamp out of your 3D-Printer, you need the following numbers of parts:

Basic: 1 pc.

Connector: 13pcs.

Lamppart_Size1: 65pcs.

Lamppart_Size2: 26pcs.

Lamppart_Size3: 13pcs.

The parts Basic and Connector are printed with the MakerBot Desktop profil: Medium

Alle Lampparts are printed in Profil High and the following settings:

Infill: 100%

Number of Shells:1

Layerhigh: 0,1mm

  • 3D file format: STL





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