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Makerbot Digitizer Back Name Plate

3D model description

So I have the digitizer set up in my classroom. It looks awesome on the shelf when it is facing forward but there are two problems.

  1. The lasers shoot out toward the classroom and, possibly, at my students as they walk around the room.

  2. The overhead lighting causes horrible artifacts in scanning and makes it tough to calibrate the turntable/lasers.

My solution is to turn the scanner around toward the wall with a black piece of foam board. This, in turn, makes scans much better/safer but the scanner doesn't really look nice when turned around that way.

Rather than deal with a weird looking scanner I decided to mess around and see how/what I could attached to the back to make it more pleasing to my eye while, at the same time, letting everyone know what it is. Boy! Can I tell you how much nicer it is to see someone walk by it and instead of saying, "What's that thing?" say, "What's a Digitizer?". Makes everyone sound smarter all while preventing the face palm on my end.

Anyway, I included two files. One is the base plate that connects to the two screw holes on the back of the Digitizer. You can use this .STL as a negative to build your own nameplate etc from and connect it to the back of the device. The other is the connecting plate along with a simple "Digitizer" nameplate complete with Makerbot logo. Feel free to make your own nameplate and post a picture!

I was able to connect the base plate to my nameplate without glue. I used a pair of pliers to "squeeze" the two together. So far it hasn't fallen off. It was a quick proof of concept and I'm currently working on a more elaborate sign to put on there.

3D printing settings

Printing is simple.

Prints on any default Makerware setting.

No raft or supports needed.

I used the auto pause feature and set it to 5mm but there was still a layer or two to print before getting to the letters. As you can see from my photos it was supposed to be black with red letters but two layers of red covered the black. It still looks cool since the black still shows through a bit and makes the red darker in those areas.

If you want to print two color using the auto pause feature I would make it 6ish mm Z-height.

  • 3D file format: STL





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