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Magnetic mini screwdriver handles

3D model description

It's often necessary to use a screwdriver in a very tight space and normal handles are just too big to fit and there's not enough torque to be had in tightening the bit directly by hand. I have seen a number of small printed handles but these don't hold the bit very well.

So, I have some up with a magnetic version in which the bits are held well so that they can't fall out.

My plan is to grow this library to suit specific requirements, so if you can think of a shape which would be helpful, please let me know in the comments.

Fitting the magnets can be fiddly so I have also produced a tool to fit the magnets to the "handles".

  • 3D model format: STL



I am very much an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to designing. My designs tend to have two things in common

1) They serve a purpose. I like to design functional objects which have a real-world use. 3D printing for art is fine, but it's its real-world application which will take the technology forward
2) Wherever possible I design to be easy to print and try to eschew supports or complex printing; modifying the design where necessary and possible to achieve this.



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