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M4/M5 Screw Organizer

3D model description

Tray with compartments sized for storing M4, M5 or similar screws, designed to be printed with a 0.4mm extrusion width (dividers are 0.8mm thick). Dimensions are 125mm x 125mm x 20mm without lid. You can of course scale it to any size you want, but you may want to scale the extrusion width to match. This version is a bit taller than the M3 Screw Organizer (4mm) and the lid is a bit thicker (0.6mm instead of 0.4mm).

Another option for storing smaller quantities of screws is a customized version of the compartment case.

If you're in the US and need metric or stainless steel hardware, Trimcraft Aviation RC has the best prices I've seen and they have a good selection is sizes useful for 3D printers. Shipping is only $3. BoltDepot is a good option for larger sizes, you can order in any quantity.

Printer: RigidBot

Filaments: (full list can be found on
-- 3D Solutech See Through PLA
-- Ultimachine Natural PLA

  • 3D file format: STL





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