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Lifting Gear For Automatic Nozzle Cleaner

3D model description

Lifting Gear For Automatic Nozzle Cleaner

Hello, everybody! This is a joint project with my good friend Valera Perinski. He made a stinger cleaning head, and I made a lifting device. So to download the first part of the project, you need to follow this link - Automatic Nozzle Cleaner.

We're currently working on the software part. Who wants to repeat it can already print the details. In the near future we will lay out all other materials on the software part.

Links to materials:

Bearing steel roller 3mm X 9mm
Servo MG90S
Brass Tube OD 4mm ID 3mm
Screws M2.5x14mm

Double-sided duct tape
3M Double-sided

Links to used tools:

Very high quality set Stainless steel pliers
Pipe Cutter
Triangular Burr Scraper
AB Glue Epoxy
Dremel Tools
Mini Wireless Grinder
NOGA deburring tool and Blades
E8000 Strong Liquid Glue
Super Glue 502

My some other things:

  • 3D file format: STL



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