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LED Holder Mount for 3D Printer Camera Logitech C270

3D model description

Ok first it's better you download this new cover for the C270 camera as with the case of mine. Or if you don't mind the warranty, just screw it onto existing plate.

After mounted onto the new camera plate, i pull the 5V for the LED from the camera(it's alright as it draws only 0.15A), which I'll upload a video of how to do it this week.

*** NOTE : the part with 2 tab, has 2 different sizes of hole, 1 side is for M3 screw to go through, another side you drive it with M3 screw to thread it. In case you accidentally drilled both side with 3mm drill bit, just add a lock nut on the other side then.

Link to the particular White LED (ships worldwide) :


  • 3D file format: STL





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