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LD 10mm Flow Rate Calibration Cube MK1

3D model description

This little flow rate calibration cube is perfect for dialing in your flow rate for a specific filament. The cube is designed with a 0.8mm wall thickness all around which allows for fast printing and verification.

Simply print the cube and measure each wall to check if your flow rate is correct. Although a larger cube is preferred when checking you e-steps and X-Y axis dimensional accuracy, this cube is a quick way to verify those accuracies. This is typically only done once per roll of filament.

Method with a 0.4mm Nozzle installed:

1) Open the file in your preferred slicer,
2) Change your line thickness setting to 0.4mm, making each wall 2 lines thick,
3) Print the LD flow rate cube and allow to fully cool,
4) Measure each wall thickness in mm, then add each measured value together. Divide the sum of the four measurements by 4. This value is your CURRENT FLOW RATE wall thickness,
5) To calculate your NEW FLOW RATE, divide 0.4 by your CURRENT FLOW RATE and multiply that by 100.
6) The answer you receive from doing the above is the preferred flow rate for that filament. This value can now be inserted into your slicing program.

3D printing settings

0.4mm Nozzle
Line thickness: 0.8mm
Wall line count: 2

  • 3D file format: STL



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One comment

There´s is a mistake. In the 5ht step you have to divide 0.8 by your CURRENT FLOW RATE (not 0,4) and multiply that by 100.