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Lathe QCTP Dual Holder

3D model description

I like the idea of holding the QCTP tools on the lathe itself, but I wanted something to make better use of space and to fit my 0xA tool holders. With this design you can seat the tool holders on both sides of the lathe back plate. That means you can fit 8-10 QCTP toolholders on a 7x10 mini lathe.

Note: the dovetail is 3% smaller than the nominal measurement of 0xA such that you can just drop the tools in and the support doesn't come off with a tool because of a too tight fit. If you want something to hold QCTP tools tightly, see my other design "anything on a lathe".

  • 3D file format: STL



I enjoy designing minimalist-functional 3D objects.



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