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Large Seven-Segment Display Sized for 5mm LEDs

3D model description

Here's a 3D printable, large seven-segment display that fits 5mm LEDs!

This was designed to fit with Printrbot Play 3D printer, which has a smaller build dimension that renders it incapable of printing other large seven-segment displays.

Here's the Tinkercad links:

Display Case:


3D printing settings

Print seven of the segments, preferably in a natural PLA so that the LED light can shine through more easily.

Print one display case. If printing with a Printrbot Play, you'll have to disable the skirt so that the display case fits on the printer bed. I recommend a 15% infill.

Note that you cannot scale the display and it's segements within your 3D printer software, otherwise the 5mm LEDs won't fit.

For build instructions on a breadboard and some software, check out

  • 3D file format: STL





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