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Lamball Bakra Stamp Stand

3D model description

Quite a specific design. As it was something I personally needed, but it might give someone ideas, so I'll post it nevertheless.

It's a stand for a stamp I use, so it doesn't have to make things dirty as well as keep it from drying out. It fits a 33 x 33 mm Posta Super VIP stamp, has a piece of cork on the bottom for soft landing and cleaning excess ink and a little chamfer to easily guide the stamp into the stand.

  • 3D file format: STL





I am Baschz, an artist, designer and maker from the Netherlands with a profound love for hand made things with a mass production look and feel to them. 3D printing gives me the possibility to by hand create small run (art) projects that look like they we're pooped out by the thousands in a factory far far away. You can find some of these products in my Etsy shop. I also use 3D printing in other work and to fix or upgrade things around the house or on my printers.

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CR-10 Z-axis Manual Adjustment Knob



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