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KANI - The quadruped bot

3D model description

KANI is a close cousin of KAME (or minikame), a another quadruped robot that we can discover here :
A big thank-you at bbq3D ( for his project and his inspiration.

But, KANI project is characterized by some interesting notes :

  • All the parts have been completely redesigned to facilitate 3D printing :
    - in PLA,
    - without support structure,
    - without adhesion border

  • The source files are available in some formats :
    - f3d (Autodesk Fusion360)
    - obj (3D format for import/export)
    - stl (for 3D printing)

  • Any screws aren't needed for mounting articulation

  • The robot is designed around a ESP8266 and 8 servo motors type MG90S, in metal, robust and cheap

  • The set is powered by 2 Lithium battery NCR18650B 3,7V 3400mAh and a 5V UBEC regulator

All documentation, 3D files, source code, diagrams, photos, is available here :

  • 3D file format: STL





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