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Jellyfish Mount (RigidBot Dual E3Dv6)

3D model description

Experimental dual E3Dv6 mount for the RigidBot. Nozzle spacing is approximately 3cm along the X-axis.


2 - E3Dv6 Hotends

2 - 24V 40mm x 10mm axial fans

2 - 50mm x 15mm radial fans

1 - 24V COB LED Module (optional)

Additional connectors and wires

M3 Screws:

Baseplate (8 - M3x16)

Fans (2 - M3x12, 2 - M3x16)

Clamps (4 - M3x10, 4 - M3x25, 4 - M3x16)

Duct (2 - M3x20, 1 - M3x10)

Example dualstrusion prints from nervoussystem.

3D printing settings

Width of the mount is 82mm, about the same size as the original RigidBot single extruder plate.

Both 40mm fans are oriented the same direction (one blowing air in, the other out).

I used the extruder fan power for the LED, but it's probably better to use a different 24V source. The light flickers whenever the bed is heating (similar to the heated bed red led flickering).

I replaced the heated bed screws with lower profile flathead screws so they'd be lower than the 2.5mm glass plate (prevents the nozzle from crashing into the bed leveling bolts).

  • 3D model format: STL





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