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HuPo Take-Off

3D model description

Customizable hand crank device.

With a splined output shaft like on a tractor, and a curvy crank.


- electric generator

- blender/food processor

- flour mill

- coffee grinder

- forge blower

- drill press

- ...

In that order because metal casting seems good for drill press parts.


blender/food processor

electric generator


See Instructions




Thanks again Igor.

3D printing settings

Open in Customizer and play with the shape of your multi-purpose hand crank.

You need the diameter of the threaded rod and bearings you will use.

Heavily tested with 8mm rod and skate bearings.

Two outputs.

If you want to know your RPM you can add a Chris Palmer's shaft encoder, and organize contests:

With the display of your choice: computer, LCD... LEDs for a binary one. Working version of both plugins already tested by the past (last pictures) but no time to put those things together right now.

An electric generator with a stepper motor, two diode bridges, and an adjustable voltage regulator (LM317) was previously done (pictures joined) and might come back on the horizontal output of the HuPo Take-Off, maybe this time with a cordless drill motor.

I didn't try yet to use the motor in the blender as a generator.

Gear ratio 1:1 today, less to come.


August, 17 2013

Reduction added.

- Number of teeth on gear A

- Number of teeth on gear B

and the ball bearings support is built for them to mesh

Default settings gives ≈ 0.42:1 ratio.

September, 1 2013

- ball bearings support updated, stiffer.

- demo of it added

  • 3D file format: STL



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