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Hot-end fan mount with dual air flow

3D model description

With the new Slic3r "Cooling" option, using a fan in the hot-end to cool the layers faster is a great improvement in the print quality and speed.

This part was designed to make it possible to cool down the hot-end heatsink and at the same time blow some air on the printed part, without dissipating heat from the hot-end itself.

I was very inspired by thing but also wanted to have airflow over the printed part.

3D printing settings

This design was made using Sketchup, I will learn OpenScad soon and redesign it, I promise.

Use the .stl provided for the J-Head hot-end. It could work for others, but I encourage you to adapt the dimensions to your hot-end.

You can cover the plastic part that is closer to the nozzle with some kapton tape.

I have printed lots of things with this dual airflow system and it is working really well so far.

  • 3D file format: SKP and STL





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