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Hex washer insert for Prusa Improved X-end

3D model description

Hi guys, I was having some trouble with the Improved Prusa X-end.

The springs that go onto the nuts that the threaded rod goes through kept either jamming the threaded rod and blocking my Z-axis which resulted in missed steps, or the spring would press itself through the opening on the bottom of the X-ends.

I wanted to share my solution to this problem, I have found more people that had similar problems, so I decided to make a simple explanation.

By using nylon M8 washers, and trimming them to the same size as a M8 hex-nut, and then inserting them into the X-end, will make sure the springs stay nicely centrical to the M8 threaded rod and they won't jump out the bottom of the carriage.

Here's the slideshow that explains all, I used a rod and two nuts to clamp the two nylon washers so I could easily cut them to the same outer size as the M8 hexnuts.

The cost for two nylon washers in total was about 0.25 euro for 6 washers. So this solution cost less than 10 cents :)

However, if you have a functional printer, you can print out this washer and use it without even having to buy a trim nylon washer.

3D printing settings

1mm high, printed with 0.25mm layer height, so four layers on top of eachother.

The washer might get a bit stuck, this is perfect for making sure the spring doesn't pop out the bottom of the X-end.

  • 3D file format: STL
  • 3D model size: X 15.2 × Y 13.2 × Z 1.11 mm



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