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Hemera Parts Fan Ducts (Spun block)

3D model description

Parts Fan Ducts for 50/15 fan on the Hemera!

NOTE! this is for a Hemera with the block SPUN BACK! Please be careful assembling hotend! Nozzle MUST contact heat break, not bottom out on block!

*Items DuctsSpun and BaseSpun Have spun the Model so it should lay flat on the bed *

Few Ideas behind my design of this parts cooling setup. Some sorta make sense, some are just personal preferences.

1- Spun block back for better clearance and air flow from the parts ducts.
2- Two ducts/points of air flow 90º to each other for not only covering more part surface no matter what printing direction but also better air flow away from hotend, unlike 2 ducts directly pointing at each other that "fight" air flow being carried away.
3- Setup for decent view and clearance around nozzle. If there are issues you can see and correct them. Don't like totally blocked views, often can cause total hotend incasement if something happens.
4- Split in two parts which will need to be glued together, that way only limited supports are needed (though you will still need some, Personally I find it best if sliced with Ideamaker or S3D with custom supports as Cura and Prusa Slicer are difficult to control supports and they automatically place them in unneeded and hard to get out places)

  • 3D file format: STL





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