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heavy duty spool holder for CTC/flashforge/replicator WOODmodels , with screw lock

3D model description

inspired from Kpafuca, I made my own spool holder, I needed somethin really solid so i made this actually you can remove the spool tube without tremblingparts :) , it has many bolts and one to joint with the shell of the printer for a more stable experience

disclaimer: is a big object so in order to make it I think you'll need about 180-250grams of filament, I've made it at 0.2mm height but should also go for 0,3 , I suggest 15% infill,

you fill need a file, for the holes i made them 5,30 to wedge the bolts, or if u want,u can screw them in, it also works

I made this for my ctc,but if I'm not wrong every replicator dualwith wood shell sould be the same, if not and there are differences in dimensions, let know

other parts needed:
4pcs M5 x 25mm (back part 2boltsforeach side)
2pcs M5 x 30mm (middle part)
2pcs M5 x 40mm (for the front bar)
1pcs m3 x 20mm (to joint the printer with one of the holes prearranged for the standard PTFE tubes)

left and right parts are different, except for the second spoolbase part which is the internal base u will need to print it 2 times

for the tube u can use the one from Kpafuca.

soon I'l post a double spoolholder with very similar pieces.
and a more lighter version.

  • 3D model format: STL





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