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He-Man Beast Man Arm Band Repair Nub

3D model description

If you have a Beast Man action figure from the 1980s and his arm band nubs have snapped off, you can print out these nubs as a replacement. Works pretty good.

Break off the bottom tab after printing, then file down a little bit. Glue the part down using the surface furthest away from the nub. I spray-painted the two parts with Rust-oleum Regal Red before use. I glued using a 24-hour curing epoxy.

3D printing settings

Used these settings with Slic3r and an Ender 3 printer. Of course, it depends on what printer you're using.

--nozzle-diameter 0.4
--filament-diameter 1.75
--first-layer-temperature 210
--bed-temperature 60
--layer-height 0.15
--fill-density 40%

  • 3D file format: STL



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