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Hadron (ORD Bot) X and Y Idler Pulley Brackets

3D model description

The Idler Pulley Bracket is fixed laterally by 4 screws and has 2 additional screws for belt tension adjustment.

Note, Jan 20, 2013:
The Idler Pulley Bracket for the X-Axis needs some modifications, I'll upload a new version soon.

Update, Jan 20, 2013:
X-IdlerPulleyBracket.stl uploaded *.

Update Jan 21, 2013:
IdlerPulleyBracketV2.stl uploaded.

Update, Jan 27, 2013:
Added MisumiSpacer for the X-Axis.

3D printing settings

  1. Remove the original Idler Pulley Bracket.
  2. Remove the Idler Pulley from the original. Be carefull to not loose the spacer.
  3. Mount the Ider Pulley into the new Bracket.
  4. Insert the two M4 x 16mm Screws and Nuts for the belt tension adjustment.
  5. Mount the new Bracket with 4 M5 or M4 x 10mm screws.
  6. After satisfactory adjustment, tighten the 4 lateral screws.

*) The X-IdlerPulleyBracket has to be printed with support material.

Update, Jan 21, 2013:
The IdlerPulleyBracketV2 can be printed without support material. You can easily break out the "plate". V2 can be also used for the X and Y axis. I had to reduce the dia for the lateral screws to 4.2 mm (M4).

Update, Jan 27, 2013:
Optional: The MisumiSpacer can be inserted between the X-MakerSlide and the IdlerPulleyBracket.

  • 3D model format: STL





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