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Geared Extruder using M8 extruder driver

3D model description

In my ABS printer (frame is of an old K8200) I used Geared Extruder 2 and it worked very well for a while. This printer has a closed housing and the temperatures go up to 45°C for hours and hours. Also there’s a heat bed that reaches 110°C. This made the main body of Geared Extruder 2 to warp slowly and the gears wouldn’t fit into each other anymore.
So for this heated situation I made this new extruder just for this printer.
I used the old M8 extruder driver that came with the K8200 printer again. The filament wire is pushed against it by 2 608Z bearings this time, so it is guided between them. The extruder driver is held on 2 sides this time, so the main body can’t bend. Also I made it possible to adjust the distance between the motor and the big gear this time. To make the main body more resistant to the endless heat I printed this one in gray ABS. With the filament guide it is possible to adjust the path of the filament wire going in. I still tried to make it able to see the filament wire as much as possible, so it’s easier to change it.

*The small gear has 10 teeth and the big gear has 43 teeth.

*This Extruder can handle 1.75, 2.85 and 3 mm Filament.

What you also need:
1x Nema17 stepper
1X Hot End
1x M8 extruder driver Gear
4x 608z bearing
1x M8 lock nut
2X M8 washer
1X M6x40mm bolt
1X M6 nut
1X M6 lock nut
1X spring (about 6x20mm)
1x M4x40mm bolt
2X M4 washer
1x M4 nut
5x M3x20mm bolt
8X M3x10mm bolt
1X M3x6mm bolt (for little gear)
9x M3 washer
11x M3 nut

If you have any questions or you think I forgot something, feel free to ask or comment :-)

  • 3D file format: STL



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