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Geared Extruder 2

3D model description

Geared Extruder for 3mm Filament

This is a Geared Extruder that can be used for 3mm filament.
Of course you also could use it for 2.85 and 1.75 mm :-)
I made this one to fit to the K8200 of Velleman because the old extruder did not want to go any more. The gear ratio is still the same as the old one so there is no change needed in the firmware
The filament guide part can be drilled to size of the filament you use.
The driver part of this Extruder is an M8 bolt that is turned down to 5 mm on the end to fit the filament driver gear. For the dimensions please see the pictures.
The part “hot end bracket part1.stl”can be changed for “hot end bracket part1 2.5mm higher.stl” if you Hot End is higher. I first wanted to use a cheap Chinese Hot End but later switched to a Europe made one and the Bowden connection makes this one a bit higher. For that I had to make this “hot end bracket part1 2.5mm higher.stl”.
For the additional parts please see pictures :-)
The dark gray parts are printed in PET-G Carbon and the Orange parts are printed in ABS.

Parts list:
1X M3 x6mm bolt
5x M3 x 10mm bolt
6x M3 x20mm bolt
3x M3 x40mm bolt
12x M3 nut
7x M3 washer
1x M4 x40mm bolt
1x M4 nut
2X M4 washer
1X M6 x20mm bolt
1X M6 nut
2X M8 washers
1x M8 bolt for the driver gear. See picture for the dimensions
1x Filament driver gear
3X bearing 608Z
1X Nema 17 stepper motor

  • 3D file format: STL



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