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Functional Micro Water Pump

3D model description

This is a functional micro centrifugal water pump that has been tested and works. It is not self priming but certainly can put water well once it gets going. The design is exceptionally compact only taking up about 2"x1"x1". This is designed to be used with 5/16 vinyl tubing and a compact motor to drive the pump. I will include amazon links to the specific parts that it was designed for.

5/16 ID Vinyl Tubing (10ft):

5/16 ID Vinyl Tubing (25/50ft):

0-6V DC Motor:

I also cut out a rubber gasket to create a better seal to avoid the pump leaking.

M2 Metric Hardware is what was meant to be used.


The 3rd picture in the picture section is actually a .gif video of the pump in action. If it doesn't show up just click the expanded view icon in the top right corner then click "view original".

  • 3D file format: STL



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