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FLSun QQ tool holder

3D model description

This is a tool holder I designed for the FLSun's QQ series of printers. It holds all the tools I've been using for the past few years plus the ones that came with my QQ-S. The large part prints in about 13 hours, and the small one in less than 3.

My previous printer used 3 different sizes of M screws and nuts, and I found the standard L-shaped Allen wrenches annoying, so I bought a set of proper nut drivers. They come in sets of 4 so I decided to make space for all of them. The QQ-S seems to use only the largest one, but oh well.

I don't know what the tiny screwdriver is used for, but I made a place for it anyway. I use the glue stick only as a size comparison when photographing parts I upload, so I wanted a place to keep that handy.

Because I don't print things that require supports I designed the holder to be printed as 2 separate parts that get glued (actually welded) together. An option of course s to print the whole thing on its edge, but this would have made the holes etc. come out not so nice. If someone wants to try that to avoid the nasty gluing stuff I can easily provide an STL for that.

Here's a link for the material used to glue the 2 parts together:

What this does is dissolve PLA, so it really does weld the 2 parts together. It is a highly volatile liquid that comes with an applicator bottle. I actually use a hypodermic syringe, but the bottle will work just as well. What you do is put the 2 pieces together and then squirt a tiny amount of the solvent along the seams between the 2 pieces. Capillary action will draw it in between the 2 adjoining surfaces and weld them together. It does this in about 30 seconds, so you have a small amount of time to get things properly aligned before the PLA becomes solid.

The solvent is really nasty stuff; it evaporates very fast and will dry out your skin if any gets on you. Use it only in a place with good ventilation.

How to attach the holder to the printer: I used a little bit of hot glue. It turns out that a cheap hot glue gun (around $7.00) is very handy to have. I used 2 thin beads of hot glue on the printer, and then just stuck the holder on to it. You could use some nuts & bolts I guess, but that would require drilling holes. Double stick tape would be a reasonable alternative to hot glue.

Here's a link for the nut drivers:

  • 3D model format: STL





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