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Flashforge Creator Pro SD Card Grip

Download free STL file Flashforge Creator Pro SD Card Grip, zaptaDownload free STL file Flashforge Creator Pro SD Card Grip, zapta

3D model description

This is a SD card grip similar to a few others here on Thingiverse. It's main features are

  1. Customizable. You can tweak it to fit your needs.

  2. The default dimensions have a short SD slot that allows to use it with SD socket with a 'push it to release' mechanism (e.g. Flashforge Creator Pro).

  3. The model has a built in support wall that enables easy printing that gives cleaner results than using automatic support generated by slicers. The wall is one extrusion wide and can easily be removed with a X-acto knife. (this support wall can be disabled in the customizer).

I printed in the default laying down orientation using ABS, 0.4mm extruder, 0.2mm layer, no material support. Once I cleaned out the support wall and made sure the SD card fits nicely in the channel I glued it there with super glue.

Hint: a good way to clean the edge of this print and other ABS prints is using a debarring tools such as this one

I am using this grip with Flashforge Creator Pro which has the push-to-release mechanism but since I can pull the SD card easily with the grip I just push it in and pull our without using the release mechanism.

  • 3D model format: STL



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