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Filament Dryer Dehydrator Extension - Easy Print

3D model description

An extension sleeve to fit a roll of filament between trays in your dehydrator. Fits spools up to 110mm thick. Remix to arbitrary thickness by offsetting a single surface!

Fits dehydrators with 12 9/16" tray OD, such as this Self-Mate:

There are TONS of dehydrator-to-filament dryer mods kicking around, but all of them were either A) easy to print if you had a gigantic bed, or B) a huge pain, required multiple pieces, supports, etc. Rather than downloading all of them and checking dimensions for fit to my dehydrator, I decided I could do better. Originally I started with a simple glue tab, then realized gluing PETG is a huge pain.

This design has a purely mechanical joint requiring no tools/vitamins/glue, and it prints with no support. Just print out 4, slot them together, and away you go. The panel has a filament exit hole in it - bring your own horizontal spool holder and you can print with your spool in the dehydrator!

7/31/18 - I've just re-drawn the male side of the attachment so that the whole design is parametric around sweep angle. The default is still 90, but you can open the .f3d design and set the revolve angle to anything you like - 120* to print 3 parts, 90* to print 4, 60* to print 6, etc.

I've also uploaded a copy at 60 degrees to accommodate smaller print beds. 45 degrees to print 8 sections I believe will fail to clear the standoff fins on my dehydrator trays, but you're welcome to try on yours.

  • 3D model format: STL





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