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Ender 3 filament guides

3D model description

NEW v2 slip on roller filament guide set top/bottom filament guides for creality ender 3. uses common 608 bearings often found in scooters and skateboards. v2 now has the ability to add or remove filament from the top filament guide without having to remove the filament completely from the extruder and hot end by adding a tight port the filament can snap in/out of the guide. you can use the spare M4*16 screw supplied with the ender to assemble the guides. thread in the m4 screw through the body and no nut will be required i designed this to minimise the amount of hardware required. the slip on feature of the top guide is tight and not designed to be pushed down into place but to be slid on to the end of the top gantry rail this gives the guide a very tight and secure mount to the printer you may have to remove the rail end cap if you have it installed. for each filament guide you will need
x2 spacers
x1 bearing v ring
x1 guide body
x1 M4*16 screw

  • 3D model format: STL



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