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Ender 3 Bed Universal Camera Mount

3D model description

If you have a camera on your printer, you want to have amazing timelapse using the built-in "timelapse" of octopi, or if you use an external camera without using a Raspberry Pi and you want a static image of your bed while printing, then this Ender 3 mod is for you!

This model is directly attached to your printer bed, so in the video it will lock static even if it's moving. It uses the right bed screw to stay in place, and it goes under the right spring. The model has some little slot under it, so if you are using a bed handle like me, this camera mount will go over it perfectly and tightly.

The model has 2 files:
- base.stl is the piece attached to the bed. It is almost 20cm long and it has a hole at the end for an M5 screw;
- CamRiser.stl is the piece where you attach your camera. It is a small hexagon, with a hole in it for the M5 screw you put from the base, and it has a slot for an M5 nut to lock it in place. I decided to make 2 pieces so you can rotate this and center the camera view at the center of the build plate, then secure it with the M5 screw. This piece also has a flat top, without any mounting system, to let you use the proper mounting system for your camera. In the photo, I used a GoPro like mounting system for my camera. You just need to have it with the bottom flat, then use a bit of superglue to secure them in place. Since I don't have any camera in the world, I decided to use this method to let everyone use their camera.

If your camera has an M5 mounting system under it, you can print just the base and use the hole ad the end to attach the camera directly to it. It just will be a little lower than with the riser, you have to try it!
Also if you want to put it on the left side of the printer, I didn't since I have a tablet on the left side (you can find that model in my page if you are interested), you may just need to flip the model horizontally since the Ender 3 plate under the bed is symmetric and it should fit without any problem. If you try this, let me know so I can confirm it to everyone!

Let me know if you like it, if you print one yourself (maybe upload a
photo, I'll really appreciate it!), and also consider checking the other
stuff I make on my profile. I'm still learning how to model things, but
I have lots of ideas and I'll upload them soon!

If you also want to make a tip to me, I will really appreciate it, and
I'll think about continue making this stuffs 'cause I will know that
someone likes my design!

  • 3D file format: STL



I'm a maker, student and "learner". I love creating things with my hand, and I love the idea of using a 3D printer to help me make it. I like drawing and designing things on the PC and on a piece of paper. I'm not that good at the moment, but since I started I'm improving a lot (maybe...)



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