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ender 2 box remix and raspberry pi box

3D model description

PLEASE READ: this cover is intended for the newr ender2 version without the power brick and the plug, a firend made me notice that the fiorst ender 2 model has the plug on a side

I dindnt find very useful the angle of the original ender2 si I have changed the angle of about 30degrees.
added a cable management under the lcd, and made 2 versions one with a merged raspberry pi case and one without, it's ur choice.
u need 4x 10-12mm M3 bolts and 4x bolts
for the cover just use one of the top of
there are still minor imperfections, actually my front screw isnt aligned with my printer holes still figuring out, I have made a bigger hole for the front, if u want to help me on improving it I'm here, at the moment I'm out of filament to test LOL.
also I'm not sure all the lcd boards are the same, taken the design from another project and actually it didnt fit, so I had to make it myself..
also if u want check my other ender2 mods :)

UPDATE: added f3d and step files

  • 3D model format: STL





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