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Enclosure Mounting Hardware for Replicator 2

3D model description

I recently purchased this acrylic hood and side panels from BilbyCNC in Australia.

The hood didn't come with any mounting hardware - so I designed this set of hinges, which mount using the existing Replicator 2 socket head cap screw M6 threaded holes on the back of the printer. I also re-designed my YATH tool holder to work as a side panel retainer.

The hinges work very nicely, allowing the hood to be vertically self supporting when open. Internal plates are used to minimise stress on the hoods acrylic panels.

This extruder upgrade was designed using an ACIS solid in Shark FX/ViaCAD (sfx file included) so will behave well with Makerware, ReplicatorG and skeinforge. I have included STEP files that can be imported into other CAD programs.

3D printing settings

Infill 40%
Layer Height 0.2
Number of shells 3
Feedrate 80 mm/s
Travel Feedrate 150 mm/s
Print Temprature 230c

You will need four M6 x 20mm hex head cap screws, four M5 x 20mm countersunk bolts with Nyloc nuts and washers, and eight M3 x 10mm hex head cap screws with nuts and washers. PDF plans for the side panels are also included - however the hood is a bit too complex.

  • 3D file format: STL and ZIP





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