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E3D Cyclops and Chimera mounts for Rostock Max

3D model description

Update 11/15/2015
- Design is no longer a work in progress.
- Thickened all mounting flanges on side mount designs for added stiffness.
- Uploaded STEP files for all models including master assembly.
- Added one new design with the input from user BigMike609. This design is a centered side mount design that hangs from under the platform. The benefit of this is that you get the stiffness of the side mount designs AND can use either the Cyclops or Chimera hot ends. This is the design I will be using from here on out. Thanks for the suggestion Mike!

Original Text

All 3 designs that I am working on feature a hole for wiring that will allow a 2-pin XT60 connector to pass through and are described in more detail below.

  • Side Mount (centered)

    This is for the cyclops only because the heater blocks for the chimera won't fit inside the circle of the platform. This mount places the nozzle in the center of the platform. Centering the nozzle offsets the heater block to one side. Minimum clearance between heater and platform is 1.3mm.

  • Side Mount (offset)

    This is also a cyclops-only mount. It centers the heater block in the platform which offsets the nozzle by 3mm in Y. Minimum clearance between heater and platform is 2.7mm.

  • Top Mount

    This is a top mount adapter that allows use of both cyclops and chimera, but loses some Z-height. The reason it is stepped rather than flat is so that you can still use platform LED rings and it should add some stiffness. This is the only design that will require support material.

  • 3D file format: STL





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