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Dupont Cable Organizer Customizable

3D model description

Keeps your Dupont wires tidy and organized!

This thing is customizable, so you can change it to fit the amount and length of your Dupont cables.

I printed two of these: the white one is for 156mm cables that I had (STL files included here), and the yellow one is for 147mm cables (you can easily generate it using the customizer).

The length of the cables does not include the plastic headers - just the actual cable. I use a caliper to measure mine.

You will need to print combs and bridges. You always need to print two combs, and at least two bridges. In my setup I use 3 bridges to make the structure more rigid. The parts should easily snap-fit and lock into place, but you can use some glue if the fit is too loose.

This thing is part of my "useful 3d-prints" project, you can read more in my blog:


  • 3D file format: STL





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