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Dual Extrusion Y Splitter For 4mm Bowden Coupling and 1.75mm Filament

3D model description

Haven't tried it yet, but I couldn't find a Y splitter that would work with my 4mm Bowden connectors.

No PTFE inserts because I'm hoping I won't need it. I'm going to use transparent PETG for mine so I can see what's happening inside, not sure what plastic will work best.

Use a tighter tolerance PTFE tube for the run from the hot end to the bottom of the splitter to try to control the plug that will form on retraction.

I'm not using any custom GCODE, I'm using two stepper drivers in a 2-in-1-out firmware configuration. Basically mimicking the E3D Cyclops, albeit with longer filament switch retractions.

Will update if it works!


Changed the file to take a PTFE tube through the bottom. I'll chamfer the inlet to make the filament run a bit more smoothly and see what happens. This file uses one of these bowden couplers for the bottom outlet.


Further testing, opened up the inlet holes a bit more, added the OSHW logo because I like how it looks. I was having trouble with the plug that forms on retraction getting through my v6 heatbreak, so I swapped it for a Lite6 heatbreak/heatsink and will see if it helps.

  • 3D file format: STL



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