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Dremel lathe remix

3D model description

Micro-lathe, great for dremel

Also added a rail slider system to mount this to, idea is to screw the main part to a piece of wood, etc., and the slider piece moves in and out for mounting lathe pieces of varying lengths... This slider system is only compatible with the new wider and reinforced blocks here, and not the original parts

Also upgraded tool and bearing fixtures to fit better in bearings without risk of sliding around (depth-wise).

All the nut holes have also been enlarged to fit #4-40 nuts & bolts because my local hardware store doesn't have M3. For the slide locks and lathe mount block screw-in piece holders I used #6-32 1/2" bolts

Changes from original design (only changed parts shown, all other original parts are still compatible):

- Adjusted bearing block to fit 608 bearings better, but still snugly. They are removable (not vice/press fit), so if you want them locked in, just use a little glue or acetone smoothing around the edge as glue

- Adjusted bearing fitting to actually fit perfectly into a 608 bearing

- Added reinforcements and extended the bases of both blocks to allow for more stability and easier mounting with larger screws/bolts

- Added threading to threaded dremel block version and reinforcement to screw my 4200 directly into the block

How I'm using:

- I carefully screwed in my dremel extension sheath (black part in picture), but it cracked the plastic a little bit, might need to make the hole a little bigger, reinforce, or find a tap big enough to cut this size thread, but in this case I just glued crack with acetone smoother. (update) See the new threaded version of the block to fix this issue.

- I wasn't clear on how to connect to my dremel 4200, but since it has quick-release, I used one of my sanding bits that fit very snuggly into the original dremel fitting, and then used acetone smoother to "glue" it together permanently

Next up/still to do:

- vacuum nozzle/mount for dust control

Absolutely no warping with ABS using standard "fast" settings in Simplify3D: Extruder at 230C, heated bed at 110C, 30% infill, standard raft, 0.2MM layer height, 3600mm/min

The only piece that you need to print with supports is the main_rails piece

  • 3D file format: STL





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