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Digitizer Scanner Mutliscan Plate

3D model description

This Base Plate is a must have for every MakerBot Digitizer user.

The Digitizer can produce excellent scans using the Multiscan feature. However the single biggest problem users face is repositioning the object being scanned for additional Multiscans (to add additional detail) so they are stable enough to do additional scans.

This Base Plate is the solution. Print the plate in "MakerBot True Green PLA" and use the pins to support the item being scanned, reorient / reposition it and carry out the necessary number of Multiscans to capture the additional detail required.

This makes holding objects being scanned easy and allows users to take full advantage of the Multiscan function.

It is essential to print this in MakerBot True Green PLA.

THE SECRET: Most people have heard about the use of 'green screens' for movie and TV visual effect. The same principal applies with the Digitizer... the strong mid green colour is not picked up by the lasers. This means your scans will appear to scan in mid air!

Whatever you scan can be supported by this base plate and the pins (push through from underneath) and repositioned / reoriented to suit and they will not appear in scans. Refer to the images provided.

NB: If they do appear slightly then scan at a lower setting (Light).


3D printing settings

MUST be printed with MakerBot True Green PLA so the Base Plate and Pins do not show up in scans

Locate the Base Plate lugs into the two holes in the Digitizer turntable.

Push the Pins of the necessary length through the Base Plate at the appropriate positions to support the object to be scanned in the desired orientation.

TIPS: Success with the Digitizer also relies on controlling lighting conditions. If scans are picking up a lot of 'noise' then cover the Digitizer and scan in the dark using the 'light' setting. This eliminates nearby light sources affecting scans (Refer image provided).

Scanning objects with shiny or reflective surfaces causes problems. Overcome this by painting the object with water colour white or light gray water based (poster) matt paint. It will make it easier to scan and wash off cleanly afterwards.

  • 3D file format: STL





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