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Dial Indicator Mount For Replicator

3D model description

Dial Indicator Mount For Replicator that will tram jog with extruder without your finger moving the dial!

3D printing settings

Print standing on side with 10% infill is fine, 1 to 3 extra walls.
When done It should snap down to rails but still slide easy, It clips to extruder fan standoff for Joging with extruder. if not file to fit

The best place to check is above, near each of the 4 springs!
This wil avoid teeter-totter leveling confusion, just be aware of where you plate is warped, and that the plastic support arms move with temperature change. Best leveled after warmed up.

Ok, my clips started to break, I glued them before they broke, there good now.
So I uploaded a new version with stronger clips and a 0.5mm wider opening

Print for fine detail, slow.
Layer Height 0.22 - 0.25max
Feed Rate? no more than 60 with acceleration, 30 without

Hey, if you printed the first one put some glue around the base of the clips before they break!

I made a better one. this one has a break-away support structure for clip.
after printing snap off support, trim , file, smooth clip over hang area with MEK or Acetone or Abs glue
see attached photo

  • 3D file format: STL





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