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Device to produce PLA springs

3D model description

Rather than spend time printing springs for a project, I made this little mold to make them out of raw 3mm PLA filament. It measures 3/4" by 3" tall. Since there are no shear planes in this twisted filament, the springs it creates will be a lot tougher than anything printed.

I think this concept could be used to produce torsion springs as well as conical compression springs with different molds.

If you wrapped the filament around a dowel with the sides of the filament touching, you could make an extension spring instead of a compression spring.

  • 3D file format: STL





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Super idée mais quel produit utilise t-on pour ramollir et faire durcir ? Je ne comprends pas la procédure dans la tasse de l'image...merci

C'est une super idée ca !! je vais essayer car j'ai besoin de ressort aussi pour un projet perso :) tu fais tremper dans quel produit pour ramollir?