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Desiccator 3000

3D model description

This is a forced air dessicator I designed in FreeCad to fit a fan I pulled off an old air hockey table. The fan measured 120mm with 105mm mounting holes. The model itself involves two parts; the body with clockwise-angled air vents and the inside sieve with clockwise-angled air vents. My concept was to drop desiccant packets into the sieve, then force air over them and spread the air out at the bottom. In theory, you could use a fine mesh screen and use this as an air filter as well. Just printed and put together, so no idea how well or poorly this works. Good luck and don't die!

3D printing settings

Could be printed from any rigid material you like; I used Flashforge PLA for the sieve and Hatchbox ABS for the body simply because that's what I had laying around.

For the sieve:
Layer height 0.2mm
4 shells
40% infil / Hexagon (because it's got thin walls, man)
speed 60mm
extruder 210
platform 65

Took approximately 5.5 hours, but the air holes were a little crusty... Functional, not pretty.

for the body:

Layer height 0.3mm
3 shells
20% infil / Line (to avoid warping)
speed 60mm
extruder 230
platform 70

Took approximately 12.5 hours, and printed like a charm. Something I noted afterwards is the air vents are a little flimsy and can't withstand a lot of force sideways. Plenty strong for standing upright and holding up a fan.

  • 3D file format: STL



I just like making and printing stuff. Sometimes I get it right. Other times, I don't mention it.



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