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Dasaki Compact Direct Drive Extruder for Prusa i3 (MK8 drive gear)

3D model description

Compact direct drive extruder for Nema 17 motors. ( the video shows the MK7 drive version)

There are two versions, depending on the filament you use, for 1.75mm filament you have to add a 4mm OD/3mm ID PTFE tube piece.
There are also two options for each version, one with the motor pointing to the left and another one with the motor pointing to the right.
It allows a clear and nice view of the filament input hole. Includes a filament guide/pressure adjustment mechanism (use some glue to fix the knob to the M4 screw).
You can choose four different stiffness for the piece filament_guide: A,B,C and D, being A the softest (most flexible) and D the hardest (least flexible).
No supports needed, the supports are included in the 3D models.

You will need a hobbed Drive Gear (MK8 with approx. 7mm effective diameter, for MK7 and the following hardware:

1x 623 bearing
1x M4x10mm-15mm screw, hexagonal head (knob)
1x M4 nut (knob holder)
3x M3x8mm screws (motor)
1x M3x10mm screw (bearing)
3x M3x25mm screws (assembly)
2x M3 nut (assembly)
1x M3 auto-locking (nylon) nut (assembly / filament guide)

If you are a curious maker / "tinker" / hacker, have a look at my blog:

  • 3D file format: STL



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