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Cyclone PCB Factory Cartridges

3D model description

This is a Cartridge system for the Cyclone PCB Factory(links below) to allow this machine to do more functions. This machine was designed to mill out PCB for quick prototyping. Since PCBs from China have gotten cheaper and higher quality, the uses for this machine goes gone down. For a while, I have been trying to develop a small pick and place machine for quick assembly. Some of the parts I have been working on but thought, for now, this machine would work.
To make this machine into a pick and place, the z-axis needs to be changed to the pick and place equipment. These parts replace the z-axis to a cartridge system with 2 changeable cartridge slots. These cartridge slots hold the device/tool required. Currently, only 3 types cartridges have been designed; 1. pick and place picking head, 2. camera mount, 3. mounting plate.
This system is not only for pick and place but can be used for any project that requires CNC like sorters and printers (ink or 3D)
The software that is used is OpenPNP (link below) on the computer and my Gcode Arduino library (link below) on the machine's controller.

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