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Customizable Replicator Dual 5mm Drive Blocks

3D model description

I used OpenSCAD to mirror the STL files after I resaved them from Meshlab. They wouldn't load correctly before. I changed the size of the bearing axle to accomodate a 5x10x4mm bearing that is easily available from any hobby shop that carries 1/10th scale cars. I made the pivot screw hole slightly larger, and shaved off the top of the lever to fit in the replicator 1. There are mirrored versions for the left extruder as well.

3D printing settings

Just like the original, use 3 shells, 10% infill with .20mm layers. You can print these files as is if you have the bearings I got, or use the .scad file to adjust to your specifications. I might make this thing use customizer if it is ever able to load .stl files.
5mm bearing plate files:
Rep1 Right Plate 5mm.stl (Use for a single Replicator, or right side)
Rep1 Left Plate 5mm.stl (Use for the left side of a Replicator Dual)

To use the .scad file, download these files and put them into any folder together when you run it:
ExtruderLever.stl (These are the original files, but fixed to work with .scad)

I colored the additional parts red, and the subtracted parts green. You can play with the settings to make your parts fit. Uncomment the begining lines to make your selected part.

  • 3D file format: STL





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