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Customizable Nozzle Wiper

3D model description

Make the most of your dual extrusion machine with this quick add on. Printing with two colors can often lead to issues with ooze bleeding color between your parts. This wiper will allow you to use Simplify3D or another custom G-gcode to cool your inactive nozzle and wipe it clean between tool changes.

Print the part out and insert a rubber strip into the groove. Clamp the wiper to the left-front corner of your printer so that it wont interfere with the bed but will make good contact with both nozzles.

Download simplify3D and load the FFF profiles. Slice your part and print!

Both the Makerbot 2X and the Flashforge Dual use the same size wiper at 110mm x 110mm


  • 3D file format: STL





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