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CR-10S Ultimate Z-Axes Cable Guide with Cold End Bowden Clamp

3D model description

Yes another version/remake of my ultimate cable guide for the Creality CR-10(S) Z-Axes.

Here you find the Runout Detector Enclosure witch is part of this design.

I received a lot of compliments for finding a unique solution for this mess of cables so this base remains the same. But the RunOut detector is object of debate. So I'm now stuck in finding the right place, angle, with or with out cold end Bowden clamp, rolers, etc.

Now I'm trying a new approach just for the fun of it but I need your feedback with this.
I would like to put the spool AND Runout detector back on the wall were I have a IKEA Pegboard mounted. This will give me more room on my desk and one cable less on my Z-axes.

In my opinion the filament must go trough a teflon tube

So far I redesigned the platform to fit an Bowden tube clamp thats has an adjustable angle. This is because I have no clue what an acceptable angle is. Ideally the filament has no bent at all?

So here you come in. Do you believe in this set up?

  • 3D model format: STL



Hi there,

I love tinkering my designs together in Fusion 360. Mostly inspired by things witch have some use. I'm always open for new ideas. If it's within my skills to make it, I'm happy to have a go with it.

Have fun making!



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