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Braces for Tevo Tornado with Anycubic build plate

3D model description

After purchasing an Anycubic printer, I was extremely impressed with the build plate and it’s ability to hold a model and release when cool. (Less impressed with the Anycubic printer though). So to that end I upgraded my other three printers to all utilise an Anycubic build plate. The Tevo Tornado was a bit trickier to fit to for a number of reasons, so I designed these brackets to hold the plate in place, whilst still utilising the existing levelling processes and integrating the heat bed strain relief (designed by BoSnap into it. It works well, there is no movement of the plate and I have completed a couple of 5 day prints with these brackets in place with great results.

As always take the time to get the bed level and these plates work fantastically well. No more tape, glue sticks, or chemical pastes required. The print just pops of when the plate cools. Love it.

  • 3D file format: STEP and STL





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