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Ball-Bearing Spool Support with Adjustable Clip

3D model description

This is a spool holder and spool clip that I designed for my Flying Bear P902 printer, but it should work on just about any printer that is made with 2020 aluminum extrusions. The size of the spool barrel is 30 mm dia. x 90 mm long. It should be able to support most (if not all) existing filament spools. The clip assembly is designed to slide up and down on the 2020 extrusion so that it can be positioned right on the edge of the spool flange. It will stop the spool from moving along the barrel, and it should also prevent filament from wandering between the spool flange and the 2020 extrusion.

You will need to print the following items for this assembly:
One Shaft Barrel (print with the larger-chamfered end up).
One Shaft Support Block (print with the u-shaped opening pointed up).
Two Bearing Spacers.
One Spool Wedge (print with the longer narrow side down.).
Two Wedge Clip Plates.

None of these parts will require supports. (I printed mine with 0.2mm layers and 20% fill.) Also, if you wish to attach the spool holder to the opposite side of the 2020 extrusion that is shown in the photographs, you should 'mirror' the spool wedge in your slicer program before you print it.

You will need the following hardware for this assembly:
Two 608ZZ skateboard bearings (to be inserted into both ends of the shaft barrel).
Either one M8 x 100 mm hex bolt or one 5/16-18 x 4" hex bolt (to support the shaft barrel).
Either one M8 nylon insert hex nut or one 5/16-18 nylon insert hex nut (for the end of the hex bolt).
Two M4 x 20 mm button-head socket cap screws with washers (to attach the shaft support block to the 2020 extrusion).
Two M4 t-nuts for 2020 aluminum extrusions (to attach the shaft support block to the 2020 extrusion).
Four M3.5 x 13mm or #6 x 1/2 in. Phillips pan-head sheet metal screws (to attach the wedge clip plates to the sides of the spool wedge).

I believe the photographs do a fair job of showing how the parts fit together. Since the shaft barrel has a split in it, you should be able to insert the bearings into the barrel by hand. (Also, you should not have to do any fancy calibration when printing the barrel diameter, since it can spring open to accommodate the ball bearings.) The spacers go on either side of the bearings as shown in the photos. The nylon-insert nut only needs to be screwed onto the bolt until the outer face of the nut is aligned with the end of the bolt. It is not intended to be tightened against the bearings. When the barrel assembly with the support bolt, spacers, and lock-nut is clamped to the 2020 extrusion, the axial position of the bolt can be adjusted so that there is only a slight amount of axial play in the bearings. When a spool is placed on the spool barrel, the spool clip assembly should be slid upward until it contacts or is very near to the spool flange.

I hope that the Thingiverse community finds this Thing useful. If you have any questions about this Thing, please post them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.

  • 3D file format: STL



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