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Arduino Uno Slider w/ 2x16 LCD

3D model description

Holds an Arduino Uno / clone, 2x16 LCD screen, and potentiometer. Screen pivots and Arduino tray slides out for better access if needed.

Pins are accessible even when lid is folded down. Requires M4 / M3 Nuts and bolts

Work in progress so parts were not uploaded in print orientation please see recommended layout in images. (most need to be rotated)

The download .zip is the typical sh** show. When I last checked there were 128 files and half of those were ".stl thumbnailis". I can neither view nor delete these files.

Recommend you download stl files from the files tab.

The Arduino tray is a remix of Chu's bumper with a couple of quick release clips added and some extra tabs to make it slide.

The rest of this is just a quick and dirty design because I got tired of my desk looking like the unabomber's workshop.

Print Notes

This is a work in progress so parts were not uploaded in correct orientation, see image below for recommendation.

Also suggest using a brim as some of the parts have a thin contact footprint.

The Arduino tray will require supports touching build plat for the elevated slider tabs.

All parts can be printed at once just be sure that support x,y distance prevents supports being printed inside the lower arm slide channels.

  • 3D file format: STL





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