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Anycubic i3 MEGA - Camera mount

3D model description

A single print camera mount that slips just under the build plate.

I would increase the infill to make it more sturdy. Try 50% or more...
No supports needed. The model should be positioned already, when you load it in to slicer.
I use Cura, so have only tested that. Generally have the model right angle to the less likely to blow it over.
I have printed 3 so far and all printed OK.

UPDATE: I have 2 i3 Megas. I had only tested it on the new one (December17)
I discovered on my older i3 MEGA(August17) the plate below build plate where the camera mount, mounts, is slightly thinner on the older one.
This clip thickness is 2.85mm

Ill make another version to also fit older i3 MEGA base thicknesses....

  • 3D file format: STL



I have been interested 3D, since seeing Lightwave3D on the Amiga computer some years ago.

Its only until recently I actually made a 3D model....Thanks to 3D printing; software has improved for creating objects.

I use Fusion360 at the moment.



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