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Anet A8 webcam support

3D model description

Support to install a webcam on the bed of an Anet A8.
By fixing a camera on the bed itself, it gives a fixed point of view relative to the printed object, so it looks like you're printing on a fixed plate where only the extruder moves along x, y, z.
This enables great timelapses!
Of course the bed is too hot to accommodate a printed support so the support is fixed on the lower rail, using the last two screws of the linear bushing holders, see picture.

Depending on your webcam model, you'll have to adapt the upper plate features to be able to mount it. The scad file is available.
Notes if you want to adapt this design: initially I had a much thinner support but then the support is quite flexible and it oscillates when the bed accelerates along Y axis.

Little test:

  • 3D file format: SCAD and STL





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