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Anet A8 ultimate X carriage [UPDATED]

3D model description

[UPDATE] : redesigned to be easier to print, no more Y offset.

boring with fan duct dropping ?
Too hard clearence setup with igus ?
Too much friction X rods ?
Try ultimate X carriage for Anet A 8!

2 versions uploaded:

  • z inductive sensor 18mm with m4 nut/screw for belts
  • z inductive sensor 12mm with m4 nut/screw for belts

Need :
- M3 screw/nut (15mm) X 2
- M4 screw/nut (15mm) X2

Xoffset : -32 mm
Yoffset: 0 mm [UPDATED]

Fan duct designed for e3dv5/6. Just clip the fan on the top of the pipe, no need screw !

Distance between x smooth rods 45,6mm on my printer, the design is perfecly aligned for this. Be careful to get the same spacing before mounting this carriage.

Need bowden mods.

Like, many prusa carriage and anycubic mega i3, only one bearing on the upper smooth rod.

Print with support, bearing rolling seat to the top.

Very more smooth x mouvement compared to original carriage, no clearence, easy to get nice plane surface on 3d printed object.

See sample surface printed 0.24 / outer 60mm/s pla neofil.

Enjoy !

  • 3D file format: STL





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