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ANET A8 E3DV6 BMG Direct Drive X Carriage

3D model description

Yet another X carrriage for Anet A8 !
This one was designed for the use of :
- BMG extruder (a clone but should work OK with original one) in direct drive
- E3D V6 hot end or clone.
- Any Nema stepper (I use the original stepper provided with the A8)
- 3Dtouch (a clone of BLtouch)

And its particularity is that it is designed to:

  • use original fan, fan ducts or fan ducts designed to work with the original X carriage, like this fantastic Mistral fan duct :
  • use original X Belt holders/tensionners like this one, which is incredible :
  • use of original Anet A8 bearing blocks or any remix if you prefer
  • be very easily unmounted (only 2or3 accessible screws to remove the BMG+ hotend + stepper block); It's very easy to maintain and modify if needed. You can even remove the whole thing without removing the bearing blocks or the X bars.

How it works ?

  • Print the baseplate , the stepper&BMGholder, the fan holder
  • Check that the BMG&stepper holder can mount OK on the baseplate : it should slide from top to bottom.
  • Tap the 2 small holes in the top of slots on the baseplate in M3. optionnally tap the M3 hole in the bottom of the BMG place
  • Optionnaly, print the BLtouch mount.
  • If you have no belt holder/tensionner, print one. Recommendation :
  • If you don't have the original fan duct or a compatible one, print one. Recommendation :
  • screw the BLtouch mount on the baseplate (2 x M3 screws and nuts should be fine) , and screw the Bltouch on the mount (use washers to adjust height if necessary)
  • screws the fan holder on the baseplate (2 x M3 screws and nuts should be fine)
  • screw the fan on the fan mount (with M3 screws + nuts + washers)
  • Screw all the bearing blocks on the baseplate with the original screws
  • screw the belt tensionner behind the baseplate. (use 2xM3 nuts in the 2 hexagonal prints in front of the baseplate, and M3 screws)
  • mount the stepper and the BMG extruder in direct drive configuration (with the e3dv6 hotend and a little PTFE tube) on the BMG&stepper holder.
  • Slide the BMG& stepper holder in place on the Baseplate. You can let the hotend cables between the Baseplate and the BMG extruder.
  • Secure the BMG & Stepper holder with 2 or 3 little M3 screws : 2 mandatory screws on the sides in the top of the part, and one optionnal screw bellow the part.
  • Put the fand duct. If needed, you can use tape if it's too loose.
  • Adjust height of the duct with the 2 screws of the fan.
  • Do your cable management (you can use zip ties)
  • Modify the offset in the firmware. If you use marlin, here are my parameters (please check you configuration, I will suppose that you have already your 3dtouch working. If not, please look for a tutorial)

define X_MIN_POS -5.6
define Y_MIN_POS -10
define Z_MIN_POS 0
define X_MAX_POS 220
define Y_MAX_POS 220
define Z_MAX_POS 240

For the 3dtouch :

I won't give Probe Bed Position because it depends too much of how is your bed (glass, clips, ...). So please check manually that you don't probe too far on your bed to avoid damages.

Step files provided if you want to remix ! (and please do it and share!)

  • 3D file format: STEP and STL





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