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Alien Flying Saucer (USB)

3D model description

This Arduino based alien space ship is powered by USB. The light pattern can be programmed and customized.

This model is printed using dual extrusion to create the semi-transparent areas for the lights to come through.

Can be seen on YouTube

Print these two STL files together
Ship Construction v2 - body top.STL (Solid colour)
Ship Construction v2 - glass top.STL (Transparent colour)

Print these two STL files together
Ship Construction v2 - body bottom.STL (Solid colour)
Ship Construction v2 - glass bottom.STL (Transparent colour)

Print one of each of the following to hold the LEDs for the top and bottom centre lights
Ship Centre Bottom.STL
Ship Centre Top.STL

Print 3 sets of legs, supports are required, print the legs laying on their side. There is only a very small amount of support to cleanup.

Optional Print: This part can be used to hold the saucer halves with a popsicle stick during painting.
Ship Centre Paint Holder.STL

Additional Parts:

Qty 1 Arduino Nano without Headers

Qty 12 Brass Knurled M2x6mm fitting

Qty 12 Button Head screw M2x12

Qty 31 NeoPixle style LEDs

Other Files:
Locate Knurl.pdf is used to locate the knurls post printing.
Arduino contains the code to install on the Arduino.

  • 3D file format: STL and ZIP





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